You can purchase your tickets at the door or on-line in our e-shop.

Ticket price:

Hard Core ticket:  790 CZK / person (necessary reservation in advance)
– for really demanding clients, personal contact occurs, entry only per 1 person, duration about 25 min.

Special Halloween trip:  990 CZK / person
– this is a special outdoor show, the price include transport there and back, 1x FREE DRINK, capacity limited

Regular ticket:  450 CZK / person
– entry max. in 4-members group, duration about 15 min.

The minimum age for Regular ticket entry is 15 years old.
The minimum age for Hard Core ticket entry is 18 years old.
The minimum age for Halloween special trip ticket entry is 18 years old.
Younger people allowed only if accompanied by an parents.

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