Koho u nás potkáte

Hardcore with kidnapping

Hardcore with kidnapping reservations only via phone: +420 606 065 110, email: rezervace@praguefearhouse.com  or personaly: Prague Fear House, Vodičkova 32, 110 00 Praha 1

Open to visitors from 18 years of age. This is a very popular present for your friends. It is very similar to the classic Hard Core, but the client has no idea what is in store. We will abduct your friend from an agreed location (usually a bar or a pub). Our actors run in, put a black bag over the person's head and drag them to the cellars. The others wait at our bar.

Fifteenth Century Butcher’s shop

Our plan was simple. We wanted to create a bar in the center of Prague unlike any other. Good drinks and a peaceful place for a shot which everzone needs in this fast-paced city. Once we saw the Vodickova location we knew we had found a beautiful place, but we soon found out it wasn’t going to be as easy as it had looked. In the adjacent cellar we found several rooms which look like dungeons. These rooms had destroyed walls full of strange spots and shadows, which we are unable to paint over. We removed the plaster but the shadows returned a few days later. There is no functioning electrity in the cellar. Electricians and bricklayers were unable to fix the problém so we needed to call a specialist in the occult.

We started searching deep into Prague’s history. We learned Vodickova street was named after a butcher named Vodickova, whose shop was located here in the fifteenth century. His shop was located midway between the horse market and the livestock market, which were at the ends of the street. The blood flowed here for many years like a river current. In Rudolph II of the Hapsburg Empire chose Prague as the capital city of his kingdom. He started coming to the butcher’s shop to buy blood from newborn cows, and especially blood from foals. The butcher continued killing manz young animals, taking the mother’s first milk and many other terrible things, and since this time strange things have been occuring on these grounds. In our reseach we found many reports from the end of the fifteenth century of ghosts being obsessed with small children. The butcher’s shop closed in the middle of the sixteenth century, at which time the street name was changed from Big Butcher’s street to Vodickova street. The street currently called Skolska was named Big Butcher‘s street. The history of this place is very disturbing.

A team of occult specialists found many details which show strange and energetic events which are capable of influencing our reality. The occult experts believe these events must have happened recently, most likely in the first half of the twentieth century. Special infrared cameras repeatedly picked up strange changes of temperature in three places in the dungeon. They also filmed strange luminescent objects. One member of the team remembered seeing these objects in the documentary about Jihlava dungeon by investagative journalist Stanislav Motol. This documentary looked at a group of SS soldiers who examined the dungeon and reported seeing strange and unexplainable objects. Once we learned all of this information we started composing our own unbelievable story.

Black Knights of the SS

When Adolf Hitler came to power in the 30’s, the property where our haunted house is currently located changed renters. The cellar was bought by German Doctor Karl Hermann and his wife, Judith and daughter Helga. He had just fled his surgery practice in Dresden, Germany because his wife was Jewish. He quickly realized Prague would not be safe either, but he didn‘t have time to get out before the war started.

In the cellar Hermann began constructing a dungeon where his wife and daughter would be kept. He officially renounced his wife and daughter and joined the SS. Upon searching his background, the SS found he was related to Schreiber Hermann, a significant Aryan occultist from the 19th century. Schreiber was a specialist in hereditary diseases. His schizophrenia soon became clear to those around him. On one hand he had access to top members of the SS, including Heinrich Himmler. On the other, hand he was hiding two Jews, which was considered a terrible crime during the Third Reich. Karl Hermann made a deal with the devil. According to preserved documents, he was working on a project called T4, which invloved the euthenasia of psycologically impaired children. The experiments were conducted in Northern Bohemia. It is almost certian many children were killed in his dungeon on Vodickova street. He began practicing occultist rituals and surgeries on his wife and daughter to make them Aryan. Dr. Karl Hermann’s sadistic theater didn’t stop until the end of World War 2.

Four children escaped this bloodbath, and found Dr. Hermann with his wife and daughter, along with two gaurds from the concentration camp Flossenburg. The children overpowered them using Chloroform, and disected them as they had seen Dr. Hermann do many times.

These facts were compliled using indirect evidence and the testimonies of dead people, which in large part are very confusing when read today. All files from the Black Knights of the SS were hidden until people discovered Stechovicky Poklad‘ a collection of files which include information on many members including Dr. Hermann.

Experts have measured abnormal activity, and witnesses have experienced severe anxiety and panic, often demanding to leave. Enter at your own risk…