Stag night

Uspořádejte u nás firemní večírek, team building, rozlučku se svobodou nebo narozeninovou oslavu

Dear clients,

welcome to the Haunted House and Prague Legends at Vodičkova 32 in Prague 1, where you will find a unique, scary space that meets the demanding conditions for organizing corporate and private events, PR presentations, team building events, birthday events, bachelor parties, and other social gatherings.

The space of the haunted house is divided into two floors. On one of the floors, there is an excursion - a scary tour, a theme bar, and a "RIP" area (our VIP area). A high-quality sound system, intimate lighting, and presentation technology with video projection - popular scary video mapping that meets our clients' requirements for the technical equipment of corporate events.

A scary interior, cultured staff, and services provide at a high level create a pleasant environment for work, relaxation, and scary entertainment for our clients.




Outdoor events

We have extensive experience in organizing events in other areas. We have a fully equipped sliding bar, which allows us to enrich your company party with interesting horror drinks and performances.

We are happy to organize events in new interesting spaces outside the Prague Fear House, it is not a problem for us to prepare a hauted house tailored to your requirements.

All staff can be styled to any of your ideas.

Interesting party themes include Vampire, Carneval or Tim Burton's Stolen Christmas.

We can enrich the party with our actors and a professional program on request.

If you have interesting spaces available for your company party, do not hesitate to contact us!

Room layout and interior

We are in the centre of Prague, which is convenient and accessible to all our clients. You enter the scary basement with the reception through one entrance, and a dressing room is available to you as well. The space has scary decorations, and the dominant features for our customers are the long bar with bar seating, tables with seating, and our "RIP" (VIP) area. A separate entrance in the basement from the reception leads to a tour of the Haunted House in 7 scary rooms. At the reception, you can choose your greatest fears, and a tailor-made tour will be assigned to you. The fears you can choose from include: a ghost, vampire, clown, butcher, a little dead girl, and a wolf. The entire basement area conforms to the safety regulations and requirements for a modern fire detection system, escape routes, and a heat and smoke exhaust system.


Right downstairs from the entrance, you will arrive at the reception, which coordinates all the tours of the Haunted House. The receptionist arranges and coordinates the tour schedule and the use of the dressing room, and you can buy scary souvenirs and the like there. At the reception, there is a 110-year-old cabinet that contains the remnants of the scary history from its previous owners.


A scary bar with enormous glass chandeliers and comfortable seating both at and around the bar is located in the area behind the reception. The whole area of ​​Prague Fear House has scary thematic decorations with a great emphasis on detail that builds on the scary history that took place in this house. The very popular Signature Cocktails include: Seance, Helga, 666 and others ... these cocktails are connected to our 7 scary rooms. You cannot find our unique Signature Cocktails anywhere else in Prague, and every cocktail has its own specific effective presentation that we are proud of.

Since the dark history of the house passes through the entire area around the bar, there are large wooden gates, and ghosts awaken in the late hours of the night and try to get through this door. You can even hear real banging on the door.

Our RIP (VIP) area

A special place that gives each event a special meaning. You will find unique private spaces with seating for you and company of your choice just to the right of the bar. The world of undisturbed privacy is separated with beautiful dividers offering fun and relaxation for important business transactions, meetings, and decisions. There is comfortable seating around a long, central low table, and there are heavy red curtains for your complete privacy, but you are still part of the bar atmosphere.

Events that you can organize in Prague Fear House

We offer an unforgettable and unique scary space right in the centre of Prague:

Birthday celebrations with the option of a Hard Core abduction of the birthday boy/girl

Corporate and private parties and meetings


Gala dinners and banquets

Unconventional business meetings

Educational events, courses, and training events

Press conferences and PR presentations

Media events

Mini concerts


Photographer Goran Tačevski


Prague Fear House places great emphasis on high-quality catering services at a high level, whether you want international or traditional cuisine or prefer modern trends such as raw and fusion cuisine or require gluten-free dishes. We always strive to fulfil your unique wishes. | we use only fresh and local raw ingredients, and we prepare the dishes with the utmost precision.


At the bar, there are professional bartenders that keep the clients company and know that being a bartender means being hospitable, sociable, and human. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of our bar will be a great experience for you.

The professionally trained bartenders of Prague Fear House dedicate extraordinary professional care to the composition and preparation of cocktails. It is during the preparation of beverages that clients most appreciate the personal attention, reliability, and speed of the staff. Our clients like it when we treat them as the most important people in the world.



Naše dlouholeté zkušenosti managementu v Prague Fear House a spolupráce se širokým portfoliem partnerů-dodavatelů nám umožňují nabídnout klientovi komplexní služby při přípravě akce tzv. “na klíč“.

Design, printing, and distribution of invitations, programs, and menus

Design and preparation of event themes and decorations

Creation and organization of entertainment programs

Artistic performances, DJs, circle dancers, a fortune teller, and whiskey tastings

Arranging a photographer, creating and editing video recordings from events

Sestavení menu a nabídky vín dle přání s nabídkou našich

Signature Cocktails

Gifts for guests and flower decorations